This week I have done some research on David Penberthy and his ties with the AFL in order to examine his motivations in writing his article.

David Penberthy works for FiveAA on their talk back morning breakfast show. I am currently employed by DMG Radio which is a company that owns FiveAA and Nova919. Although my role is small within the company, I do know that DMG works very closely with the AFL and is often involved in sponsoring and partnerships with both the Adelaide Crows and Port Adelaide football clubs. FiveAA particularly relies on the AFL in its succession of ratings as the station is solely talk back radio and focuses predominantly on football and often has AFL players on air talking with the hosts about the season. I found this interesting as surely this would sway Penberthy’s motivations when set to write an article about a shamed AFL player caught up in a sexting scandal. He has a stake in how the readers perceive the issue as it may jeopardise or affect his role at FiveAA, particularly due to the fact that listeners can call up and voice their opinions and speak directly to him. Perhaps this is why the article headlines Bootsma as the focus but when reading through the direction changes to making everyone of today’s generation out to be ‘the villains’. I doubt this is done to singularly defend Bootsma but rather to divert the problem and blame away from AFL players as a whole.

The article being written on June 8th would lead me to believe the heat surrounding Bootsma has more than likely died down either on its own or until Carlton replaced him and had their first win. Being over 2 months old, bigger news has since erupted and Bootsma has probably been forgotten until the next AFL player becomes involved in a scandal. look at Bootsma’s scandal and display the screen captured photos that he had sent to the underage fan. The site focuses on notorious cases or people breaking the law. They spare beating around the bush and point at Bootsma as being not only a creep but a criminal. Adults who send sexually explicit messages to anyone aged 16 or under can face criminal charges’ (Langmaid, A 2014) Langmaid interviews the fan who said that Bootsma asked ‘if she was free on Tuesday for a sex session’. Although this did not proceed because the girl went public with his messages and photos, it could very well have, placing Bootsma capable of statutory rape. This statement turns Bootsma’s story into a very serious one, far from what was depicted in Penberthy’s article. ‘He is just one of the millions who are permanently connected and permanently aroused.’ (Penberthy, D 2014) In fact, it is incorrect and wrong to place everyone of a particular generation in the same category as Bootsma simply because we all have the same resources readily available to us. It isn’t the mobile apps that are controlling our behaviour, it is us. Penberthy article does not communicate so.

This week I have conducted desktop research. I have searched different online mediums for articles about AFL sexting scandals and also found a criminal article which supplied me with evidence of Bootsma’s actions and short quotes from the underage fan involved. I have also observed what role Penberthy holds at my place of employment at FiveAA.



Langmaid, A 2014 Carlton terminates contract of Josh Bootsma for explicit pics found on viewed August 13th 2014


Penberthy, D 2014 ‘Digital Age fostering a generation of pervs’, The  Advertiser, June 8th 2014.