The article I will be looking at for this blog is David Penberthy’s ‘Digital Age fostering a generation of pervs’ featured in The Advertiser on Sunday June 8th 2014.

The article talks about AFL player Josh Bootsma being sacked from Carlton Football Club for sending naked photos of himself to female fans. Bootsma is also expecting a child in the coming months with his partner.  Penberthy uses Bootsma as an example for today’s generation being a product of the technological environment we live in. We could call Bootsma a sexual opportunist, a creep, a terrible partner and father to be but is he really? Penberthy believes he is just one of the millions who are “permanently connected and permanently aroused”. Although Bootsma is used as the featured example and photo given in the article, it does not focus on him per say. The main issue lies in world we live in today and how accessible porn is and how easy sending and receiving inappropriate communication is through the likes of Tinder.

David Penberthy was the editor-in-chief of News Limited ( and the opinion website The Punch for 3 years.  He now has a broadcast breakfast show on Adelaide’s FiveAA talk show.

The AFL and Tinder could be seen as corporations caught up in this issue along with Josh Bootsma.

For this article and my first blog entry, I have decided to research some articles on other AFL players caught up in ‘sexting’ issues such as this and also other articles regarding the technological world of today making pornography readily available.

Simon Lauder’s ‘Inquiry recommends ‘sexting’ offence’ found on the ABC news website writes similarly to Penberthy but uses Brendan Fevola’s famous post of a naked Lara Bingle in the shower as a demonstration to how easy it is to sext and access photos and private information in today’s society.

Similarly, I found a discussion board on the titled ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned –sexting and the St. Kilda football team’ from December 2010 about the 17 yr old school girl made famous when she claimed she had fallen pregnant to a St Kilda footballer and after feeling as though she had been treated poorly by members of the team, posted naked photos of various players on her Facebook account. Shortly after her Facebook had been reported and closed down, she then went to Twitter to post her collection of photos. All it takes it a few people to save the photos from her posts and for them to repost.

It appears all three articles look at a particular sexting scandal and then delve deeper into what is the underlying issue at hand of why this is happening and how it is happening. All three articles point the finger at the technology readily available for anyone and everyone to upload photos and private information online.


Lauder, S 2013 ‘Inquiry recommends ‘sexting’ offence’, article found on ABC.NET.AU viewed on August 6th 2014

Discussion board titled ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned –sexting and the St. Kilda football team’ from December 2010, found on viewed on August 6th 2014